Riding in Style

Wedding LimoWhen a couple is looking at renting a limo for the wedding (or bachelorette/bachelor party), what are they really looking for?

A way to get from one place to the other?

A specific make and model of limo or party bus?

Or are they looking to create an experience around their day to help them remember it with a smile for the rest of your lives?

I think you know.

In my experience, limo companies have been less than customer service-oriented.  I’ve experienced everything from limo owners not showing up after a booking, to rudeness on the phone, to drivers who would obviously rather be somewhere else.

Limousine rentals is an EXPERIENCE business.

If the bride wanted easy transportation, she’d call a taxi.

The Limo Experience

On the front-end, a limo company should have experienced and friendly staff on the phones – this includes after-hours answering service.  Answer the phone quickly and happily and you have a much better chance at closing the deal.

Did you know the average limo-looker calls 5 limo companies before choosing one?  Did you also know that they only call 5 because they have a bad feeling about 1 or more of the others?

There is a huge opportunity for limo companies to close deals on the first phone call if they exude professionalism, timeliness and courtesy.

After closing the deal – are you touching base with the customer ahead of their pick-up?  Most aren’t and it shows.

A big complaint about limo companies is that the rider doesn’t know for sure if the limo is going to show up, or they show up late.

This is another big opportunity to shine.  Call a week before and a day before and confirm the day/time.  The wedding group will appreciate this tremendously!

The Limo Ride

It’s unfortunate, but many people’s experience with the limo ride itself is a bad one.  If you’ve ridden a Madison, WI limo service for instance, you have probably experienced a great limo driver – I’ve had several there.

It’s just not common for a driver to be as courteous as they are on TV.  But it’s needed.  Again, this is about the customer’s EXPERIENCE on their big day!

Go all out for every limo ride – not just the big spenders.  You’d be surprised at how often a person will come back for a limo if they’ve had a great experience.

White glove service is a must for me.  A great personality and a smile goes a long ways!

After the Limo

And here’s where almost every limo company blows it…

They never (and I really mean never) touch base with a client after their limo ride is over.

Call or write, but thank them for being a customer.  Send them a wedding gift or card.  Send them a branded calendar and stay in touch through the year.

Did you know that if people would use a limo service 3 times per year if they thought it was easy and affordable?  This is NOT a one-time customer… unless you blow it the first time.

I hope these tips help you develop your limo business into a shining star in the wedding industry and beyond!


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